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Q How much will it cost me to use cyrkl.cz?

Nothing! The whole site is free of charge including registration and all additional services. For us it is important that you use the platform and maybe we will surprise you in the future with some additional service.


Q How do I respond to an ad?

In the advertisements you will find the phone number and email, so you can call the seller or write an email. If he / she has not published his / her number, you can contact him only via the form or email. The reply form will be displayed after clicking the "Reply to ad" button. Type the message for the seller and your email address in the form. The message you type in the form will be sent to the seller by e-mail. The terms of sale are then negotiated directly with the seller, Cyrkl does not interfere in this agreement. When you send the message, you will receive an email confirmation. We recommend that you keep this confirmation until the trade is terminated. If you did not receive any confirmation, your answer may not have been sent.


Q How do I make an offer and need to register at all?

Very simply. After you quickly register and verify your password, you will enter "Insert offer" on the right side of the screen. You name what you sell, add a photo, location, and price. We recommend describing the details so that it is easier for you to find the right buyer! To make your ad easy to find, write as accurately as possible what you offer. Include search keywords at the beginning. And that's all.


Q I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password, this is of course no problem, you can set it yourself by clicking on "I forgot my password" or write to us and we will change it in return.


Q What data do I have to disclose?

We definitely need your email. If you enter a phone number we will be happy and your business partners will make it easier.


Q What can I offer on the source platform?


All recycled materials, by-products and generally secondary raw materials from plastics, building materials, paper, textiles, glass, electrical waste, etc., which are not in waste mode.


Q How do I tell the difference between waste and secondary raw material.


There is no simple definition. In general, it is a good indication that buyers can be found for the material and not hazardous waste. Also, once you register the material as waste, it really becomes waste. Secondary raw materials are then materials having the following characteristics: (1) by-products; (2) treated wastes which have ceased to be waste after they have met the conditions and criteria, if any (non-waste); 3) materials obtained from products subject to take-back (according to Act No. 185/2001 Coll., On waste) and from other products, usable for further processing; 4) unused feedstock and materials transferred for re-use.


Q How do I contact Cyrkl?

Simply write directly to cyril.klepek@cyrkl.cz


Q My offer has been published for some time, but no one has shown interest. Can I help?

Sure, write us directly at cyril.klepek@cyrkl.cz and we will advise you how to describe the article better, or other tools will focus on its sale.


Q How do I delete an ad?

You can hide the ad in your profile settings. Deleting itself is not possible, but hibernation of the ad will serve the same.


Q How do I report a problem?

We are always in the start and we will be happy for any feedback or idea for improvement. Please email us directly at cyril.klepek@cyrkl.cz


Q Who is behind Cyrkl?

A whole team of experts in innovation, circular economy and modern waste management.


Didn't find the answer to your question? Contact us at cyril.klepek@cyrkl.cz

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