O nás

CYRKL aims to bring creativity and innovation to the world of waste management. It enables the optimization of the management of waste and by-products of production by passing on from those who have to those in need. We believe in the positive strength of new innovative processes, sustainable business and technology, and know that in conjunction with a sophisticated business model, a solution can bring benefits to all market participants.

We are fighting the absence of creativity and unfair commercial practices in the waste and by-products market. We actively support new approaches and solutions using secondary raw materials.



The very foundation was laid in 2018 by Cyril Klepek (CEO), an innovation expert specializing in the circular economy. Soon after, Laura Mitrolios of the Institute of Circular Economics (INCIEN) joined him. But the company is an entire ecosystem consisting of other experts in innovation, circular economy, digital marketing and progressive waste management.

We build transparency in the waste management market and for the client approach. We want you to make purchases and sales as easy as possible. We will be happy for any feedback. Email me directly at cyril.klepek@cyrkl.cz


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